Ep 10: Will Webb: The Man Who Hates Guardians of the Galaxy

April 26, 2017

This week, Scott is joined by AP2HYC's Video Hero Will Webb, and he's got a few choice words about the MCU's lovable band of space rogues. Will he convince Scott that it's a bad film? Does he think Vol. 2 will be any better? And what does this mean for the MCU as a whole?

You can find Will’s original GotG article here.



Will Webb - 01:40

James Gunn - 05:50

Tone - 11:25

Movie parallels - 23:46

Marvel and it's creators - 27:05

Fan reactions - 33:04

Character development - 37:24

Vol 2. hopes - 57:28

How to have a constructive conversation - 1:10:44


Ep 9: Gerry Anderson - Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Supermarionation

April 19, 2017

This week, Scott is joined by AP2HYC's Official Sidekick and Gerry Anderson mega fan, Fred McNamara, as they discuss the various television series and movies made by one of British televisions most influential creators. Listen as they analyse the beloved shows of the past, dissect the new shows of recent times, and cause Scott's ego to crumble like ash in the wind. Podcapers are go!



Intro to Gerry Anderson - 02:20

Thunderbirds - 05:20

Captain Scarlet - 28:40

New Captain Scarlet - 42:50

Thunderbirds Are Go - 49:00

Thunderbirds 2086 - 1:01:12

The Live Action Movie - 1:04:50

The Other Shows - 1:24:4


Ep 8: Beauty and the Beast + Ghost in the Shell Review (Full Spoilers)

April 12, 2017

In another musical episode, Scott and Mark Russell revisit the live action adaptations of Beauty and the Beast as well as Ghost in the Shell. Are they better than their animated counterparts? Or do they simply not hold up? Whatever happens, Scott will find something to complain about Disney. It's what he does.



Beauty and the beast - 09:00

Plot - 11:15

On the subject of Stockholm syndrome - 35:00

Tale as old as time - 45:10

Special effects - 53:10

LeFou - 1:00:00

Final Thoughts - 1:06:45

Ghost in the Shell - 1:15:40

Differences with original - 1:22:35

Controversy - 1:25:50

Wrap up 1:36:50


Ep 7: Power Rangers (Full Spoilers)

April 5, 2017

In this episode, Scott is joined by AP2HYC writer Alex Reale as they talk about the pros and cons of the new Power Rangers movie. Does it hold up to the original series? Are these new Rangers mighty or mediocre? And most importantly, how long before Scott tries to disassemble Alpha in a fit of rage?


Plot - 04:45

Power coins - 12:26

Pay No Attention to the Man in the Wall - 19:23

On The Subject of Product Placement - 35:35

The Costumes/Megazord - 43:10

The Characters - 53:02

Final Thoughts - 1:31:55


Ep 6: Iron Fist Review (Full Spoilers)

March 29, 2017

In this episode, Scott is joined again by Mark Russell as they tackle what might be the most disapointing entry in the MCU, Iron Fist. They anaylse the characters, talk about some serious plot holes, and wonder just when, if ever, will we see K'un Lun?


Casting Controversy - 08:50

Premise Recap - 15:05

♫ Coleen, Coleen, Coleen, Coleeeeeen! ♫ - 26:30

Plot - 32:20

Martial Arts Analysis - 40:05

Intro Sequence - 47:45

Characters - 54:30

K'un Lun - 1:29:35

Danny Rand - 1:33:15

Misc. Gripes - 1:45:25


Ep 5: Logan Review (Full Spoilers)

March 22, 2017

Scott is joined once again by AP2HYC's Editor-in-Cape, David Molofsky, to discuss Hugh Jackman's final X-Men film - Logan. In their full-spoiler review, the pair discuss the film's great successes as well as Jackman's legacy. They also get into some nerdy nit-picking, talk about the Old Man Logan comic, and what the future holds in store for the X-Franchise.


Plot Discussion - 05:30

Old Man Logan Comparison - 15:15

Characters - 21:45

Nitpicks & Plot holes - 50:25

Hugh Jackman - 1:11:50

Final Thoughts - 1:22:10

Post-Credits: Bonus Disney Impressions - 1:26:50


Ep 4: Scott’s Disney Dirty Dozen

March 15, 2017
This week, Scott and Mark dive into the magical world of Disney for a very special musical episode!
Prince Mark has spent his whole life immersed in these classic cartoons. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of everything Disney, he defends the Magic Kingdom from Scott's acerbic rants. But is the power of nostalgia alone enough to fend off Scott's attacks?
What's Scott's problem with Beauty and the Beast? Is it time to let Frozen go? And is there anything at all that these two can agree on?

First Musical Number: 03:20

Little Mermaid: 08:00

Beauty and the Beast: 23:00

Second Musical Number: 37:30

Aladdin: 54:15

Peter Pan: 1:08:30

Bambi: 1:11:45

Sword in the Stone: 1:18:50

Pocahontas: 1:25:45

Frozen: 1:26:40

Moana: 1:39:30

Dumbo: 1:44:30

Sleeping Beauty: 1:50:55

The Rescuers: 1:57:00

Return to Neverland: 2:01:55

Third Musical Number: 2:14:15


Ep 3: The Most Influential Nerd Culture Films

March 6, 2017

In this episode, Scott is joined by Mark Russell and David Molofsky to discuss 15 of the most influential films in nerd culture.

Each of the the hosts picked out 5 of the most influential films in nerd culture to discuss.

Round 1: 06:00

Round 2: 30:00

Round 3: 52: 15

Round 4: 1:12:40

Round 5: 1:34:30


Ep 2: The X-Men Film Franchise

March 6, 2017

This week, Scott is joined by fellow AP2HYC Senior Writer Mark Russell and the pair go through Fox's X-Men film franchise, from 2000's X-Men to last summer's X-Men: Apocalypse. They discuss the ups and downs of the franchise, Hugh Jackman's iconic portrayal of Wolverine, and what we can expect in Logan.

X-Men - 02:30

X2: X-Men United - 13:30

X-Men: The Last Stand - 23:30

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - 42:30

X-Men: First Class - 52:45

The Wolverine - 1:04:44

X-Men: Days of Future Past - 1:11:00

Deadpool - 1:20:25

X-Men: Apocalypse - 1:22:50


Ep 1: Marvel vs. DC in Live Action

March 6, 2017

Welcome to PodCapers, Official Podcast of A Place To Hang Your Cape.

For our inaugural episode, we kick things off by tackling the biggest of the big questions: who's better, Marvel or DC?

Considering our host, Scott Meridew, is also known as "The Man Who Hates DC", superhero expert and AP2HYC Editor-In-Cape David Molofsky is brought in to even the scales.

But who will be triumphant in this most epic of battles?

Intro: 00:30

1940's-1970's: 08:00

1980's-1990's: 19:45

2000's-2010's: 40:00

2010's-present: 52:50

Wrap-up: 1:20:00